So we just recent launched  The whole idea of dopeshipshop is to find the dopest, most fun, best selling, accessories, clothing, electronics, jewelry, and art on the web.  We want to help people find amazing deals on quality merchandise.  This week we are writing about the most amazing pendants on the internet.  We have explored all over the internet and now want to share these items and get feedback on them.  

925 Sterling Silver Tree Of Life Pendant


An amazing pendant, The Tree Of Life Pendant is a widespread concept based of the Sacred Tree, laid out in fine 925 Sterling Silver this pendant represents all that is good and plentiful in life.  From the regrowth of new seeds to abundance from the new harvest the Tree Of Life is always a classic piece.


925 Sterling Silver Wisdom Third Eye Pendant

The this eye ties into one's inter soul of an individual.  Your own inner consciousness, your upbringing your soul.  The all seeing powerful Third Eye guides you in the most mysteries ways.  


Handmade Tibetan Silver Buddha Pendants

Buddha teaching the power of self control and the power of the breath, focusing on one's soul.  The 925 Sterling Buddha Pendants are sure to impress.  Hand carved, extreme care, and attention to detail make these pieces truly unique as buddha himself was.  


We welcome everyone to keep an eye on the store and an eye on the blog as we will work hard to update it with fresh content.  Thank you.